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Military & Defense Industry

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Steel Balls

The military and defense industry depends on precision steel ball manufacturing for components used in weaponry, vehicles, and equipment. At STR Industries, we specialize in precision ball manufacturing to meet the needs of numerous applications, including those found in the military and defense sector. We can deliver quality steel balls in various sizes, hardnesses, and other properties to ensure optimal performance in harsh military and defense settings.

Importance of Small Metal Balls In Military & Defense

Steel alloys, such as chromium steel and high- and low-carbon steel, have different balances of density, hardness, and other properties, which allow them to perform well under high physical stresses like pressure and heat. This makes it possible to manufacture metal balls with the exact properties needed for different uses.

Small metal balls are important components used in almost every aspect of military and defense activity. Some examples include:

  • Ammunition. Round-ball ammunition is widely used as the “shot” in shotgun shells. They are often made from zinc- or copper-plated carbon steel.
  • Vehicles. Additionally, metal balls can be incorporated into armored vehicles and tanks to protect personnel from missel fire.
  • Triggering Mechanisms. Triggering mechanisms and fuses used in explosive devices may use durable, precision-engineered steel balls for optimal functioning.

Benefits of Metal Balls In Military & Defense

STR Industries provides both standard and custom precision-engineered metal balls. Many different metals can be used to manufacture balls of different sizes, and hardnesses, and with different properties like magnetism or corrosion resistance.

The steel sphere components used in military and defense applications are highly specialized and must meet strict quality and performance requirements. Some of the critical characteristics needed for these applications are:

  • High Density. Carbon steel, often plated with zinc or copper, has sufficient hardness and density to withstand being fired out of a smooth bore weapon and traveling at high speed with little resistance and high directional accuracy.
  • Heat Resistance. Steel alloys are heat resistant, making them useful in applications that generate heat such as military aircraft or rocketry systems.
  • Improved Accuracy. While environmental conditions like wind and air temperature play a role in external ballistics, the density of carbon steel shot helps it travel in an accurate path over a long distance.

Military & Defense Metal Ball Applications

  • Specialized steel and other metal balls are essential for numerous military and defense applications including:
  • Ammunition. Small metal balls for ammunition come in many material options and diameters and can be manufactured to tight tolerances.
  • Military Equipment. Steel sphere components are critical for gears, roll mechanisms, and other rotational parts that require low friction under heavy use. Small metal balls can also be used as reference standards for equipment calibration.
  • Air gun innovation Ball used in CO2 rifles gives reliable, accurate function and allows the owner to possess and shoot with reliable performance.

Shot and Pellet by STR Industries

STR Industries is a leading supplier of metal balls in low and high carbon, chromium, and stainless steel, Zinc or Cooper plated for a range of military and defense uses. Balls are available in many grades in sizes from 0.006” to 10” and several surface roughness.

We are TS 16949 and ISO 9001 certified and offer advanced manufacturing services. Our experienced team will work closely with you to find the right ball for your needs or create a custom solution to your specifications.

To learn more about steel ball manufacturing for military and defense applications, don’t hesitate to contact us or request a quote today.

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