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Advantages of Ceramic Balls vs. Steel Balls

May 27, 2024

Deciding whether to utilize steel or ceramic balls for your application is a complicated choice. The decision cannot be taken lightly as both types offer their unique advantages, suiting different jobs and environments. Choosing the correct material is essential for functionality.

Ceramic vs Steel Bearings

Advantages of Ceramic Ball Bearings

Superior Corrosion and Wear Resistance

Many wonder whether ceramic bearings are better than steel bearings. Ceramic ball bearings using silicon carbide (SiC) and zirconium oxide (ZrO2) are highly resistant to corrosion and wear. These materials withstand the most severe conditions, where steel tends to deteriorate. Therefore, they find good applications in chemical, naval, and petroleum industries. The strength of ceramics leads to longer life and lower maintenance costs.

High-Temperature Tolerance and Stiffness

Ceramics excel in high-temperature applications. Materials like ZTA ceramic balls and aluminum oxide (Al2O3) maintain their performance integrity even under extreme heat, unlike steel, which may lose hardness and suffer from thermal expansion. This makes ceramic ball bearings perfect for use in automotive, aviation, aerospace, and electronics sectors where operational temperatures can soar.

Non-Conductive and Lightweight

The most important properties of ceramic ball bearings like silicon nitride (Si3N4) are that they are non-conductive and weigh much less than metals. This is why they may be used to reduce the overall weight of machinery. These properties are also essential to electronic applications like sensors and switches for insulation and weight reduction.

Advantages of Steel Ball Bearings

Toughness and Load Capacity

Steel bearings balls are revered for their high toughness and load capacity. Steel bearings can handle significantly higher loads compared to ceramics, which makes them the go-to choice for industrial heavy machinery and automotive applications. Their resilience is particularly important in settings where bearings are subject to rough handling and heavy wear.

Cost-Effectiveness and Versatility

Steel balls for bearings are not only durable but also cost-effective. They provide a versatile solution that works well in a wide range of standard applications. This affordability makes steel a popular choice for many businesses, especially when high performance is not as critical or the cost is a major deciding factor.

Magnetic Properties and Customization

Certain applications benefit from the magnetic properties of steel ball bearings. These magnetic characteristics are advantageous in various engineering and automation processes where magnetic coupling is required. Furthermore, steel balls are available in a range of alloys, allowing customization according to specific needs and applications.

Advantages of Other Materials

Glass Balls

Glass balls like borosilicate and soda lime glass balls are used in applications that demand high chemical inertness and thermal stability. Glass balls always provide an alternative that is reliable, in environments where metal and ceramic may fail to perform better. This includes applications like specialty valves, metering pumps, and optical devices.

Plastic Balls

Plastic balls, for example, those manufactured out of materials such as PEEK and polypropylene, have excellent corrosion resistance and find an application in medical and low-load bearing applications. They are light in weight and feature superb resistance to corrosion, which is paramount to applications in food processing, pharmaceuticals, and several others where hygiene is of utmost importance.

When to Use Ceramic vs Steel Bearings vs Other Materials

Selecting the right bearing material will depend on the environmental conditions, load requirements, and costs. Ceramics are favored in high-temperature, corrosive environments or where nonconductivity is required. Steel bearings are preferred in heavy industrial applications for toughness and load-carrying capacity. Materials like glass and plastic are excellent choices for non-standard environments requiring unique properties like chemical inertness or transparency.

Find the Perfect Ball Bearings for Your Needs

Need help selecting the right ball bearings for your application? STR Industries is here to assist. With our extensive range of ceramic, steel, glass, and plastic balls, we can provide expert advice and customized solutions to meet your specific needs.

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